About Pobkfy

Pobkfy is a professional custom golf and accessories brand, manufacturer and online retailer, which is being supported by more and more social media followers and customers.

USGA Rule 12-2 states all golfers must be able to "identify their ball" during play. The Tin Cup makes it easy to mark your golf balls.

The purpose of our existence is to create a personalized golf ball that can help golf lovers identify their ball.

Golf Ball Marker is our latest product. We will have a large amount of inventory sold to all countries in the world.

The Tin Cup™ Personal Imprinting System is a revolutionary new technique for golfers to mark/imprint their golf ball.

The system allows a golfer to create a personalized ball using the logo or design of their choice.

There are a number of logos already available. These are wonderful gift items or tournament giveaways.